Céline Bouchez is a Brooklyn-based art director and web designer with experience in fashion, publishing, hospitality and the luxury space. 

As a 13 year old in France, Céline was tasked with finding placement for a one-week internship and incidentally landed at a family friend’s printing company, where she initially discovered her passion for layout creation and typography. Eight years later, she left for the States with two suitcases and one English phrase memorized (“Where is Brian? Brian is in the kitchen”) to pursue her Masters in Design from the School of Visual Arts. 

Her work is driven by typography, graphic patterns and bold palettes. She has worked on numerous projects, ranging from web design to editorial design and concepting to brand identity and wayfinding, with clients from Chico's,  J.Crew, Assouline, Champagne Drappier, LensCrafters, Holland Tunnel Art Gallery and more. While working at Graham Hanson Design, she worked with clients such as the Paramount Hotel, the Seagram Building and Rockefeller Center.



UX/UI Design
Web Design
Brand Identity
Editorial Design

Art Direction

Creative Conceptualizing
Brand Consulting


Interior Design
Food & Wine